Heavy Duty Dunnage Bags

Winner of The 2006 Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation for pneumatic dunnage to restrain marine cargoes.

Heavy Duty Dunnage Bags for cargo protection

The Checkmate Heavy Duty Dunnage Bags uses advanced valve design, strength and quality to offer greater protection to your cargo, no matter where in the world it is being transported.

Our advanced corner-fill dunnage air bag improves on our previous designs by allowing them to be fully inserted into small gaps in the stow before inflation, something which is not possible with a conventionally positioned valve. This allows for higher pressures and more force which reduces the risk of bursts in heavy seas, as stresses are minimised.

No special connectors required

The rapid ll ergonomic coupling with high efficiency seal and marine grade brass valve is stronger than any other available, that uses a standard airline connector.

The connector on the Heavy Duty Dunnage Bag is compatible with the Checkmate Flexible Engineering (CFE) Air Bag Pressure Maintenance System and the CFE inflation tool. Special adapters are not needed, lowering costs when used together and designed with ease of use to you in mind.

Corner valve

Our dunnage bag range has been created with a corner-fill design for easy access, higher pressures and greater securing force.

Air Pressure

The system rapidly inflates up to 30 dunnage bags simultaneously, using the ship’s own air supply, and then maintains the pressure to a pre-set value for the duration of the voyage, ensuring the sustained security of the stow.

Inflation Tool

Designed, developed and manufactured to offer a simple and reliable inflation solution, packaged inside a sturdy and compact assembly, allowing for ease of use and controlled inflation.

Why choose Checkmate?

The Checkmate Heavy Duty Dunnage Bag is the only one in the world to carry the American Bureau of Shipping Type Approval for standards of air loss.

The result is a dunnage bag system which outperforms all others in terms of available jacking force and life expectancy, while offering outstanding value.

Designed and manufactured here in the UK

The Checkmate Heavy Duty Dunnage Bags exemplify our commitment to excellence in engineering and quality craftsmanship. Every aspect of our dunnage bags, from conception to completion, is meticulously overseen at our facilities in the South-West of England.

By keeping our manufacturing process in-house, we maintain full control over quality assurance, allowing us to consistently deliver products that exceed expectations. Plus, our UK-based production facility allows us to adapt quickly to evolving market demands and customer feedback.

When you choose Checkmate Heavy Duty Dunnage Bags, you’re not just investing in superior cargo protection – you’re also supporting British manufacturing and innovation. Experience the difference of a product designed and manufactured with pride right here in the UK.

Benefits of the Checkmate Heavy Duty Dunnage Bags


Our heavy duty dunnage bags are all less than 15kg, making them easy to transport.

Heavy duty

Our heavy duty dunnage bags are manufactured from neoprene coated heavy-duty fabric, optimised for strength and durability.

Made in the UK

Every single one of our heavy duty dunnage bags are designed, manufactured and maintained in the UK.

Easy use

The Checkmate dunnage bag range has been designed for easy use with the CFE inflation tool.

Bespoke labelling

Our dunnage bags will include your branding and company logos, so they’re easy to locate during transit.

Easy grip

Our orange handles make our dunnage bags easy to locate, are easy to grip comfortably and can even be branded with your company logo upon request.

Stress-tested dunnage bags

Every Checkmate dunnage bag is stress-tested to the highest degree, with 10% of each batch receiving an additional high pressure proof test. Checkmate Flexible Engineering has set the standard for air loss with ABS certified and witnessed tests. The company’s BS EN 9001 2015 quality assurance system is registered with SGS, a UKAS approved company.

Dunnage bags built with durability in mind

Our dunnage bags are designed to withstand the harshest environments. We have developed materials to offer superior abrasion and puncture resistance to ensure the products you are investing in can be relied on for many years.

We manufacture our dunnage air bags from neoprene-coated, heavy-duty fabric, offering significant durability and strength. In the unlikely event the bag should be damaged, we can inspect and repair using the same materials used to manufacture the bags.

The inflation and deflation side has been developed to withstand the impact of dropping the bag from height, and is serviceable. We use a high strength, marine-grade brass with an easy-to-use reinforced ergonomic coupling.

Our dunnage bags are designed and manufactured to the highest quality to deliver a product that will last and ensure your stowage is optimal for years to come.

Dunnage Bags FAQs

What are dunnage bags?

A dunnage bag, sometimes known as an ‘airbag’ or ‘inflatable bag’ are used to safely secure cargo during transport. Dunnage bags are useful in stabilising and protecting cargo during transport in closed railcars, trucks, sea-vessels and ISO sea containers, as a cost-effective solution.

Dunnage bags are created to provide safe transport for your cargo. They inflate around your goods to stabilise them during transport, and reduce the risk of movement and damage.

Our dunnage bags have an easy to use ergonomic quick release coupler. The coupler accepts a male Rectus Type 25 fitting and we supply an inflation tool with a simple-to-read colour-coded gauge that clearly shows the user when the bag is up to pressure.

The valve assembly has been designed to encompass an inflation coupling and deflation vent. To deflate the unit simply turn the brass vent counter clockwise and air will be released from the bag.

Once your cargo has been correctly and tightly packed within the container, truck or rail car, dunnage bags can be used to fill any spaces. The deflated dunnage bag will be inserted into any gaps or spaces, and then inflated to prevent the cargo from moving. The rubber material that dunnage bags are made from make them high in elasticity, meaning they can fill a wide range of sizes, shapes and spaces, and also provide a cushioning effect to further protect your goods.

Our range of Checkmate Dunnage Bags come in a range of sizes:

Each dunnage bag in our range has been designed to fit specific needs and requirements, including type, weight and size of the cargo, transportation mode, loading practice and void size. Please get in touch with a member of the team or fill in the form below to enquire.

Dunnage bags cannot be used in air cargo due to the high altitude pressure. Dunnage bags should only be used on railcars, trucks, sea containers and ocean-faring vessels.
Our dunnage bags are built to last. We have units in use that are over 15 years old due to our high-strength, heavy duty materials. This is dependent on how that bag is used, but in the unlikely event the bag should be damaged we can repair the bag at our manufacturing facility in the UK. You can rest assured our dunnage bags can be relied upon to keep your stowage in optimal condition for years to come.

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