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Multi-Chamber - Jacking Bags

Our multi-purpose Multi-Chamber Jacking Bags can be used for both the movement and the securing of cargo. In situations where it is difficult or impossible to use machines such as forklift trucks to move a stow, these bags can be inflated to position cargo before passage.

Manufactured from heavyweight elastomeric rubber coated fabric, and fitted with an air valve and carrying straps, these bags are designed for durability and strength. Constant jacking force during inflation is achieved by having surfaces which are kept flat and parallel by the use of special materials. This compares with a double chamber bag, which does not exert a constant force because of its shape.

The multi-chamber bag is not intended to retain air during a long voyage; to maintain force for long periods it may be used with the Checkmate Flexible Engineering Air Bag Pressure Maintenance System.



  • Jacking Force: Up to 20 tonnes
  • Dimensions and Weight: Deflated 2.4m x 1.2m x 0.1m
    Inflated 2.4m x 1.2m x 1.2m
    Max. jacking distance 1.1 m
    Weight approx. 80 kg
    Custom sizes available to order
  • Max. Inflation Pressure: Unrestrained = 5 PSIG / 0.34 bar
    Restrained = 10 PSIG / 0.69 bar


  • Medium weight rubber envelope with additional re-enforced protective cover
  • Air valves accept standard air line
  • Lifting/positioning straps included
  • Multiple valves permit rapid deflation
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