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Heavy Duty - Dunnage Bags

Checkmate Flexible Engineering’s Green Label dunnage bag advances the standard of dunnage bag construction and value even further than the Queen’s Award-winning corner fill dunnage bag which became the world leader after its introduction in 2006. Advances in valve design, strength and quality have been incorporated into the Green Label dunnage bag which further strengthens its position in the world market.



This advanced corner fill bag improves the use of dunnage bags by allowing them to be fully inserted into small gaps in the stow before inflation, something which is not possible with a conventionally positioned valve. Higher pressures and more force are therefore possible and the risk of bursts in heavy seas is reduced because stresses are minimised.

The new rapid ll ergonomic coupling with high efficiency seal and marine grade brass valve is stronger than any other available. It uses a standard airline connector – no special arrangements are required. The connector is compatible with the Checkmate Flexible Engineering (CFE) Air Bag Pressure Maintenance System, so a special adaptor is not needed, lowering costs if used together. It is also designed for easy use with the CFE filling pistol. The construction of the bag is optimised for strength and light weight.

The result is a bag system which outperforms all others in terms of available jacking force and life expectancy while offering outstanding value. The Checkmate Flexible Engineering dunnage bag system is the only one in the world to carry American Bureau of Shipping Type Approval for standards of air loss.


  •  Neoprene coated heavy duty fabric for durability and strength.
  •  High strength marine grade brass valve with reinforced ergonomic coupling.
  • Orange handles with the owner’s name improve visibility and are easy to grip comfortably.

Inflation Pressure:

  • Maximum = 9 psig / 0.6 bar
  • Working = 6 psig / 0.4 bar


All bags are tested and 10% receive an additional high pressure proof test. Checkmate Flexible Engineering has set the standard for air loss withABS certified and witnessed tests. The company’s BS EN 9001 quality assurance system is registered with SGS, a UKAS approved company.


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