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Dry Sacs - Military / Police

We supply the UK and overseas to organisations such as Ministries and Departments of Defence and national Police Forces with our dry sacs, an endorsement that contributes to these bags’ worldwide reputation for quality and durability.

Our dry sacs have been crafted to endure the range of severe conditions that are experienced by special forces. Reinforced neoprene and hot bonding ensure both high and low temperature resistance, and provides these sacs with their complete water tightness and excellent strength.

These bags are exactly as used by the British Special Forces and other overseas defence agencies. Fully codified and allocated with NATO Stock Numbers, they provide strength, reliability and value for money. We also supply custom designs, for instance for outboard motors and weapons.



  • Special Forces
  • Marines
  • Police
  • Search and Rescue
  • Ordnance Disposal


The new Check Dry Rucksack is the successor to our well known Avon Rucksack, (Previously Nato Stock Number 8465-99-763-6099) which is currently used by British Special Forces and throughout the world where the highest performance is required. The new rucksack is built to the latest UK MOD design from the same 4274SNY reinforced rubber, but now has comfortable shoulder straps and strong lifting handles. An improved valve, which permits the user to suck air from the sack more easily, is also fitted. This sack is slightly larger than before, to take the UK Type 90 personal load carrying system.


  • Polychloroprene rubber coated nylon fabric for durability and strength.
  • Nylon air valve permits easy deflation for accurate buoyancy control.
  • The harness is suitable for 97th percentile males, wearing dry suits.
  • Reinforced corners are now fitted for improved wear resistance.

Dimensions and Weight:

  • 0.870 m x 0.615 m x 0.44 m
  • Capacity: 235 litres
  • Zip length: 1.0 m
  • Approximate weight: 4 kg


Checkmate Flexible Engineering’s BS EN 9001 quality assurance system is registered with SGS, a UKAS approved company.



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