World Class Cargo Protection Videos

World Class Cargo Protection Videos

The Checkmate Flexible Engineering division have created an informational video focusing on one of its core cargo protection products, the Heavy Duty Rubber Dunnage Bag and Air Pressure Maintenance System.

Scenario 1 of the video highlights the potential damage that can be caused when not using a quality dunnage bag system on an open hatch vessel. Modern break bulk cargo needs quality dunnage bag systems to avoid damaging precious loads.

Improper securing of cargo can costs millions in damage, with cargo potentially being destroyed in transit as well as the receiver’s confidence heavily damaged. This can destroy company’s reputation in an instant.

Scenario 2 from the video shows the Checkmate Dunnage Bag System in place, and how it works to protect valuable cargo when being shipped. The Air Pressure Maintenance System helps to keep the dunnage bags inflated properly resulting in minimal need for crew intervention. This subsequently saves time and effort on the crew’s behalf, so they can focus on other tasks at hand.

Using Checkmate Dunnage Bags on a modern break bulk open hatch vessel, the cargo will arrive in perfect condition, as loaded.

More than 58,000 Checkmate dunnage bags have been sold to the world’s major carriers, and more than 250 manifolds supplied.

This cargo protection system is endorsed by South America’s largest pulp producer, highlighting the quality and trust that our clients have in us and our products.