Undisputed World Heavyweights…

Undisputed World Heavyweights…

The latest development for Checkmate Flexible Engineering is a huge win for the team. We’re excited to announce that we’re now manufacturing the largest peristaltic hoses in the world.

New infrastructure

To establish ourselves as world-leaders in this field, we have recently invested in more infrastructure at our Wiltshire base. The aim of this is to copy with the growing demand for peristaltic hoses.

The role of peristaltic hoses

Peristaltic hoses are used to pump viscous ‘fragile’ liquids like mustard, yeast and printing ink which are ‘shear sensitive’ which means they can’t be sloshed about as in a normal centrifugal pump.

Peristaltic hoses are also commonly used in the water treatment industry. There’s a demand in this sector for giant hoses – meaning less hoses to put in, and a faster turnaround time from start to end of installation. Our new, giant hoses weigh in at around 200kg each – and they’re actually used for pumping fish!

On top of these advances in engineering – and probably most impressive of all for us – is we have grown our market share for supplying peristaltic hoses in the North American market to 20%. This secures our position as one of the world-leaders in the sector.