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22nd September 2014

The Theory of Evolution

Like living things, products evolve. This evolution is driven by market forces, new technology and the desire to offer better long term value through innovation.

Darwin’s hypotheses are well demonstrated by Checkmate Dunnage Bags. The twelve-year-old bag (Serial number 28) pictured was recently received back from a customer for inspection and service. Still going strong, with years of life left after millions of nautical miles service it shows that Checkmate products are built to last.

But the 2014 bag (Serial Number 67,000) has numerous improvements: the corner fill valve allowing full insertion into narrow gaps; clearer larger labelling; high visibility handles; easy to use hose coupling for the top up and pressure maintenance system and, now, radio frequency identification tagging for inventory management and service record.

To sum up: the same excellent ruggedness but easier to use, more effective and a bag which can be tracked for inventory and cost control.

Checkmate Flexible Engineering: Innovation, Integrity, Value.