Pioneering New Designs: Surface Effect Ship Skirts & Hover Barge Skirts

Pioneering New Designs: Surface Effect Ship Skirts & Hover Barge Skirts

Here at Checkmate Flexible Engineering we love nothing better than getting the chance to tell people about what we do and how we do it. And we have some exciting new stories to share from recent projects we’ve undertaken:

New Skirt for Surface Effect Ship, Pioneer

Last year, Checkmate Flexible Engineering marked a new milestone in our relationship with the excellent teams at CWind, ESNA, and Wight Shipyard – with the design and manufacture of a brand-new skirt for the Surface Effect Ship (SES), Pioneer.

Managing Director, Nathanael Allison, CWind said:

“The launch of the CWind Pioneer marks a significant milestone for the industry and helps pave the way towards achieving net zero targets. The vessel utilises revolutionary technology to meet the needs of the market and our customers who want a greener, safer, and more efficient Crew Transfer Vessel to support their commercial and green objectives. With the CWind Pioneer we have delivered just that – a new generation of CTVs.”

The engineering team here at Checkmate have a history of pioneering developments within this field, the skirts we designed here needed to withstand the sea’s changeable conditions, enabling efficient and effective transport – and therefore maximising return on investment.

This isn’t the first time Checkmate have been contacted to deliver Surface Effect Ship skirts; back in 2015 we delivered the first set of skirts of Umoe’s high speed Surface Effect Ship turbine service vessel.

Hover Barge Skirt Contract

Checkmate Flexible Engineering have been awarded an exciting and challenging contract to design and manufacture the complete skirt sets for two newly built hoverbarges due to be delivered in 2023.

The impressive self-propelled, 24M x 17M vessels can be used for a variety of tasks allowing large loads to be moved over land and water. Each inflatable finger has additional protection allowing it to travel over uneven ground and pack ice.

The customer chose Checkmate as its skirting design and manufacturing partner based on their proven track record in design, material development and advanced manufacturing.

Kyle Lake general manager commented:

“This combined with other recently awarded contracts for Hover Barge, Hovercraft and Surface Effect Ship skirts will see an expanded workforce employed well into 2024.”

As leading designers and manufacturers of advanced flexible and rubber structures, from Surface Effect Ship skirts, to dunnage bags and dry sacs; we have the experience and breadth of supply to support your project end-to-end. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.