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Suggestion Box Inspires Innovative Improvements To The Eco-Anchor

15th September 2016

Suggestion Box Inspires Innovative Improvements To The Eco-Anchor

THREE CLEVER INNOVATIONS have been made to Checkmate’s world-leading mobile man anchor ecoAnchor II, thanks to a suggestion box and some flexible engineering.

A new method has been developed for fitting the valve. Previously a second layer of fabric called a doubler was required. The new technique provides a better fit and improves the aesthetics. A new steel sealing band is being used on the collar for the fill drain valve. It is a lower profile band that reduces the risk of snagging, provides a more efficient seal and also improves the aesthetics. A different material is now being used on the sides of the ecoAnchor II. It enables the material to consolidate together when being cured and provides a neater finish with improvements to the strength characteristics. These design changes came about because Checkmate’s chairman, Paul Auston, introduced a suggestions box.

The two people that came up with the new designs were Martin Lovelock and Anthony Campbell. They were both rewarded for their excellent ideas.