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Run Silent. Run Deep

15th March 2012

Run Silent. Run Deep

FLEXIBLE ENGINEERING CONTINUES TO SEE CONTROLLED AND SUSTAINED GROWTH AS A RESULT OF INVESTMENT IN THE RIGHT PRODUCTS AT THE RIGHT TIME. WITH MASSIVE increases in orders for both dunnage bags and peristaltic hoses, Tom Roach, managing director, is delighted to announce that the Wiltshire-based team has grown by 30% during the last six months, entirely as a result of expanding order books. Sourcing quality staff is always tricky, but Tom has been very satisfied with the calibre of new recruits that have been taken on. An overnight production shift is also now running to meet the high demand; both new and existing staff have blended well and the business is looking forward to further growth during 2012/13.

Tom commented,

‘This represents our confidence in our process, forward order book and continued relationships with our customers both within the UK market and abroad.’

Checkmate Flexible Engineering’s special projects have ranged from waterproofing for military equipment through to submarine fuel tanks, explosives moulds and the design of hover barge skirt systems. Clients include the MOD, government research establishments, major shipping companies, offshore, chemical, aerospace, construction, naval architects and the automotive industries.