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29th January 2015

Royal Norwegian Navy Support Contract Renewed

For over 15 years Checkmate Flexible Engineering has manufactured new and repaired the skirts used on the RNoN’s fleet of surface effect ship mine hunters and fast patrol boats. These high performance craft ride on an air cushion contained between their catamaran hulls, with flexible skirts fore and aft. Checkmate’s contract has now been renewed for seven years which is an excellent reflection of the mutual trust and respect which has developed. MD of CFE, Tom Roach, commented: “The Royal Norwegian Navy is a very important customer for us because the service we provide supports a vital part of NATO’s northern defences. It is an honour to work for a nation which the United Kingdom has such strong ties with, going back to our collaboration in the Second World War. The renewal of this contract is something we are very proud of and we look forward to serving His Majesty’s Navy in the years to come”.

Over eighty percent of Checkmate Flexible Engineering’s sales are for export. All the large Norwegian forest product carrying shipping companies use Checkmate’s cargo protection and lifting equipment.

Checkmate Flexible Engineering: Innovation, Integrity, Value.