Completed SES Skirt set for UMOE Mandal, used by World Marine Offshore

Completed SES Skirt set for UMOE Mandal, used by World Marine Offshore

Checkmate were pleased to continue their long-standing relationship with UMOE Mandal with the award for the design, manufacture and delivery of the first of two surface effect ships (SES) skirts, which UMOE are currently manufacturing for World Marine Offshore. The first set has been delivered, the second skirt set going into production.

Images of SES Skirts being manufactured

Danish crew transfer vessel operator World Marine Offshore (WMO) has been working with Umoe Mandal for many years chartering their WaveCraft vessels. Having demonstrated the vessel capabilities an order was placed for the manufacturer of two new vessels due for delivery in 2023 and for use on the UK coast. 

The WAVECRAFT™ Sprinter 28 are lightweight composite vessels, built to transport crew and passengers at high speeds to enable the maintenance of offshore wind turbines. These next-generation vessels are faster, lighter and offer improved fuel economy than previous models, as well as providing a more comfortable ride. 

You can find more information on the new UMOE SES Vessel here

At Checkmate, we’re a world leading manufacturer of air cushion vehicle skirt components, including skirts for surface effect ships, hovercrafts and hoverbarges. All our skirts and seals are designed on an individual basis, providing tailored products that meet the specific requirements of your project.

Backed by a 40 year history of laboratory development and manufacturing experience, we can match compounds and materials to accommodate specific needs for varying degrees of ozone attack, oil contamination and abrasion resistance that may be encountered during use.We have the experience and breadth of supply to support your project end-to-end. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.