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Breaking Records

15th August 2014

Breaking Records

Checkmate Flexible Engineering had a record year in 2013, selling more products than ever before, thanks largely to the latest innovations from the team at Melksham 2013 SAW the introduction of the Green Label Corner Fill Dunnage Bag: a new and improved version of the Queen’s Award-Winning Dunnage Bag that was originally introduced in 2006. Advances in valve design and strength have been incorporated into the Green Label Bag, which further reinforces its position in the global market.

The advanced corner-fill bag can be fully inserted into smaller gaps in the stow and inflated with nothing protruding – something that was previously not possible with the conventionally positioned valve. Higher pressures and more force are therefore possible and the risk of bursts in heavy seas is reduced. The rapid fill ergonomic coupling is stronger than ever before and is compatible with both the Checkmate Air Bag Pressure Maintenance System and the Checkmate Filling Pistol.

The result is a stronger, more durable bag that has a longer life expectancy and better value for money long-term. Checkmate dunnage bags carry American Bureau of Shipping Type Approval for standards of air loss, build quality and design.