An Interview with Project Engineer, Chris Pickford

An Interview with Project Engineer, Chris Pickford

The importance of precision, consistency, and quality is crucial in manufacturing and engineering. From the tyres that ensure our safety on the road to the seals that keep our vehicles airtight, rubber products play a crucial role in our daily lives. The complex processes that transform raw rubber into these essential products often remain unseen, leaving many unaware of the skills and dedication required to achieve the highest standards.

In this interview, we will be introducing you to Chris Pickford, a Project Engineer here at Checkmate Flexible Engineering. Chris offered us a glimpse into the world of rubber manufacturing, sharing his knowledge about the challenges and innovations that define his work. Through our conversation, we delved into his role, background and experience and how he’s finding it here at Checkmate!

Hi Chris! Would you be able to tell us a little bit about your role?

Of course! I am a Project Engineer and have responsibility for turning customer enquiries into products that we can manufacture. I’m still finding my feet at Checkmate but have been involved in several different projects so far, ranging from 60-foot-wide diaphragms to inflatable seat cushions for vintage motor vehicles.

How has your experience in the tyre manufacturing industry prepared you for your role at Checkmate?

I have twenty-six years’ experience working within the tyre manufacturing business so I am familiar with a lot of materials and processes that are used at Checkmate. Since starting as a Technical Trainee in the tyre industry, I have had roles industrialising tyre designs into manufacturing specifications in the factory, and then being responsible for the design & development of new European tyre ranges.

What did this involve and what specific achievements from your tyre industry career do you hope to build on?

This involved producing test tyres at various factories & assessing them at test facilities within Europe. I then had to manage the industrialisation of the entire range into the factory(s). A number of the products I’ve designed have gained international industry magazine recognition, something I am particularly proud of working for a smaller company with a fraction of the development resource of many of the competitors.

Upon leaving the tyre industry, I was keen to stay within the polymer industry and was excited when the possibility of joining Checkmate arose. Since arriving here I am looking forward to embracing the wide range of different products offered by Checkmate.

Impressive! How are you finding it here at Checkmate?

I have been offered a warm reception from the entire team at Checkmate, everyone has been really welcoming. I’ve also been struck by how diligent the whole workforce is and how knowledgeable and committed they are to producing the best products possible for our customers.

As previously mentioned, the amount of different products we offer is really impressive and seems to be continually growing as I learn, and am exposed to more of the business – I am looking forward to getting involved and absorbing as much as I can over the coming months.

What is your current aim at Checkmate?

In short, my aim at Checkmate is to get up to speed on as many products & new processes as possible so I can make myself as useful as I can.

Last but not least, what do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy watching live music at gigs and festivals & have recently started to play badminton again.

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