Inflation Tool

What is an Inflation Tool?

Inflation Tools are used to inflate dunnage bags quickly and easily, to the correct pressure. The Checkmate Dunnage Bag Inflation Pistol has been designed, developed and manufactured to offer a simple and reliable inflation solution within a sturdy and compact assembly. Advanced features include an ergonomic shape to fit perfectly within the hand, allowing for ease of use and controlled inflation even when using gloves. 

Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK

Why Checkmate Inflation Tools?

Our robust inflator features a built-in indicator that is quick and easy to read with no external gauges or workings, reducing the risk of damage. 

It offers fast, efficient and controlled inflation of our Heavy Duty Dunnage Bags but can be easily adapted for use with a variety of dunnage bags. The flexible hose allows the user to access air bags that are difficult to reach positions and comes supplied with a quick release coupling allowing for a direct connection when required.

The Checkmate Inflation Tool is supplied in a robust plastic waterproof case, keeping it protected during transport 

How does the Checkmate Inflation Tool work?

How to check the pressure of your dunnage bag

The pressure of a dunnage bag can be checked by attaching the Inflation Tool to it and briefly squeezing the trigger. A silver indicator showing after the green indicator means the pressure is higher than optimum level. 

Pressure can be relieved by undoing the corner valve vent on the dunnage bag then re-tightening. The pressure can then be rechecked by briefly squeezing the trigger.

Technical Information


Inlet Male Rectus Series 25, Outlet Flexible hose plus stubby/quick release coupling. 

(Rectus Series 25)



Max Inlet Pressure

10 Bar


set at 6 p.s.i.

Case Dimensions

350 x 240 x 90 (mm)

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