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Complete Service

Not only do we manufacture our products to the highest quality, we also provide a personal and confidential service to advise regarding the design and implementation of flexible engineering, often for use in difficult land, sea and aviation applications.


CFE offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services and work as a trusted partner to significant companies across the world. Our experienced project engineers deliver a variety of solutions to problems such as:

  • specification evaluation and clarification
  • advise on materials and formulation
  • reducing costs and using efficient manufacturing processes
  • material testing and analysis

Product Design and Solutions

With unique knowledge of elastomeric compounds and reinforcement materials, combined with expertise in mechanical engineering, CFE provide authoritative advice for design solutions that ensure: Optimum Performance, Reduced Costs & Longevity. Services include:

  • material development
  • concept planning
  • project management
  • design
  • manufacture
  • development and trial

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.


The only place in the world you will find gaiters as effective as these!

CFE has developed effective low cost tooling and our own test rig which dramatically reduced costs. Our gaiters are fitted to all submarines with modern UK developed weapon launch systems. They are used in: UK in all the Upholders and will be on the Vanguard replacement (which is called Dreadnought); Spain, Germany, Canada, Australia, NZ and RoK.

CFE are particularly proud of our gaiters because we are entrusted with a component which is mission critical and difficult to change as it is deep within the bow structure.