Submarine Gaiters

Submarine Gaiters

After years of pioneering design and manufacture, we’ve established ourselves as world-leaders in the flexible engineering sector. We’re pleased to announce our latest achievement – a new design for submarine gaiters which will make Checkmate Flexible Engineering’s gaiters the most effective in the world.

Brand new design

The design team at Checkmate Flexible Engineering has developed effective low cost tooling and our very own test rig. By developing this, we’ve dramatically reduced costs – a win-win for both us and our clients. 

A worldwide success

Our new gaiters are now fitted to all submarines with modern UK-developed weapon launch systems. The reliable design of Checkmate’s submarine gaiters means they’re being used across the world, from the UK in all the Upholders – and will be on the Vanguard replacement (which is called Dreadnought) – Spain, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and in South Korea.

We at Checkmate Flexible Engineering are particularly proud of our gaiters for a number of reasons – not least because we are entrusted with a component which is mission critical and difficult to change as it is deep within the bow structure.

Another really big win for Checkmate!