Air Landing Bags & Cushions

For many years, Checkmate have designed, produced and manufactured complex shaped bellows and fabrications used to cushion loads parachuted from aircraft. These systems are used to airdrop combat supplies, humanitarian aid, stores, and vehicles onto land drop zones.

Air Landing Cushions

Our design incorporates a system to fill a bellows that is suspended below the load with air on its descent then controls the exhaust from the bellows allowing a regulated deceleration of the load.

The modular design allows multiple units to be harnessed together depending on the load being dropped.

Checkmate Air Landing Bag Specifications

As a specialist manufacturer of rubber products, we ensure that all our air landing bags and cushions are produced to the highest quality, right here in the UK. Loads weighing from 25kg to 15,000kg can be airdropped safely using a variety of parachutes, airdrop platforms or ancillary rigging equipment.

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