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Conception to Manufacture

CFE offer a complete service from conception planning, design, project management and manufacture, backed up with an efficient maintenance and repair service. Products include dunnage bags, specialist seals, peristaltic hoses, tube press pressure bags, inflatable walkways, and bespoke compound.

Fabrication Methods

Checkmate utilise a range of fabrication techniques to deliver its products. This includes:

  • the joining of cured elastomers with adhesives
  • vulcanisation
  • consolidating layers of elastomers by applying proprietary solutions
  • pressure and heat
  • hot presses
  • auto claves
  • bonding rubber to metal

The methods we employ are backed by scientific in-house testing and years of experience of our elastomeric products in some of the most extreme environments. As with all of our products quality is key, so whether an adhesive or vulcanisation method is utilised you are guaranteed a complete solution.