Leading designer and manufacturer of advanced flexible and rubber structures

CFE design, develop and manufacture advanced, precision engineered, elastomeric fabrications, including components, parts and systems for land, sea and aviation applications.

We have the equipment, materials, knowledge, design expertise and a highly experienced team able to deliver the standard of service expected by technically demanding customers.
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Sir Roger Moate

It is with great sadness that today April 15th 2019 we mourn the passing of Sir Roger Moate, a non-executive director of the company for over a decade in which his enthusiasm and passion for everything Checkmate shone through. His kindness and consideration to those around him and his interest in the wellbeing of all […]

Henry Berry is a long-serving and integral part of the CFE team and member of staff we are particularly proud of. Henry started working with the company back in 1963 when it was known as Avon Fabrications, and has been here ever since. Many of the staff refer to Henry as the “go to” man […]

Following the success of the CheckRescue launch last year, Checkmate have benefited from invaluable customer feedback. Improvements to the Walkway range have seen the integration of a simplified more robust inflation system and the modularisation of the platforms; everything fits to everything else, facilitating the creation of bespoke solutions in the field. Customers have been […]